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What is this blog about? I suppose it’s my way of getting out the music I love to others. Which is one of my favorite past times. Some may call me a hipster, and I take that label perfectly well, I do enjoy listening to good indie music, watching independent movies, and reading weird Russian books. But, blogging about these things makes me feel special and you don’t want to take that away from me, do you?

To get more specific, I am Kelsey, a twenty-three year old currently trying to find my place in Seattle (and life), looking for a career that makes me incredibly happy. I majored in radio broadcasting with the hopes that someone will take pity on my NPR voice and hire me to speak and play music. I was the Music Director at my school’s small radio station, but it’s a job I loved more than anything. Currently, I’m back in school getting my degree in Music Business and hopefully starting my own promotion company very soon. Basically I hope forever that my life is surrounded by music and whatever I do in the real world revolves around that.

I do take submissions, but please include either a Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or personal link to your music along with a little biography of yourself. You may send these to:

6 Responses to “About”

  1. listentolittlefish

    I like your blog!!! If I lived in the US I’d listen to your show. I host a radio show for a station in Melbourne, about local Australian independent artists. My blog is Maybe you would like it? Anyway, yeah! Keep posting 🙂

    • themostindietastic

      Awww thank you, that’s so sweet! Honestly, it’s just a show on college radio–nothing fancy haha. I’d love to listen to yours, is it streamed online? I’d kill to get to Australia, so I’m super jealous :P. Definitely gonna check your blog out! Thanks for reading my blog! :]

      • listentolittlefish

        Community radio is the best kind! Commercial radio is so…blergh – at least here it is. It’s streamed at and it’s called Little Fish. It’s on 3pm (just moved) on Saturdays (Oz time). Funny, I’d kill to get to America! Is yours streamed?

      • themostindietastic

        Totally agree, public radio is infinitely better than most commercial radio out here, it’s what I’m trying to get into, haha. And I’ll totally have to figure out what time that is for me, I so want to listen! And yes, ours is streamed–if the stream wants to work, haha. It’s at 😀

  2. spencerturney

    Hey, love your blog. We’re still hosted at wordpress at the moment, but if you’d love to do a guest spot, we would love to have you!


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