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#NowPlaying: Christopher Owens, Fickle Friends, Highasakite, George Ezra

Ex-Girls frontman, Christopher Owens is back in the music world with his new song from his sophomore album due out this spring. The song is like nothing he has written, it’s full of Americana Soul that is reminiscent of an old gospel song sung in choirs. Actually, supporting him seems to be a gospel choir that adds to the power of the song. If this is what’s to come from his new album, sign me up.

RIYL: Girls, Foxygen, Smith Westerns

Fickle Friends are a self-described 80’s new wave pop group hailing from the UK whose single “Play” is garnering attention from all the music blogs. It’s breathy, it’s full of pop hooks, it’s a summer jam, it’s meant to blow up and I bet you they will. Be prepared to dance and put this song on repeat, with only two singles released the world is anxiously waiting for a full LP from this nu-disco pop group.

RIYL: CHVRCHES, Haim, nu-disco

Highasakite is one of those bands hard to describe in words, it’s best their music speaks for them and they will be loud. Made up of five people, the two standout aspects of the song is singer Ingrid Helene Håvik’s powerful, boastful voice. It is deep, it is full of fire and it pushes the song forward along with the overpowering drums that get one’s adrenaline pumping fast. For fans of Yeasayer’s first album, “All Hour Cymbals” it has that Middle Eastern flavorful sound (probably good since the song is called “Iran”), it’s so powerful, it might knock a sock off.

RIYL: Yeasayer, I Was a King, Bastille

Don’t look at George Ezra‘s picture. You will draw all sorts of conclusions about what kind of music he sings, but you will be dead wrong. I clicked play only to find the deepest, husky voice I’ve heard in a long time. It’s haunting, the way his voice feels in headphones– he sounds like a new Tom Waits or Leonard Cohen come to save us from autotune. While this is only a clip of his song, “Coat of Armour” you can listen to it on Hype Machine, and I strongly suggest you do.

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