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The Wet Secrets- Free Candy

a3990559573_10 Back in 2005, two gentlemen from two completely different bands formed as the result of a dare. The dare? Write, record and perform in front of a live audience a full an completely original album in one week. Thus formed The Wet Secrets, a band hailing from the Alberta area and probably the only band in indie rock history to come together from a game. Unsigned, the five-piece group has released two albums before taking a hiatus to focus on their main projects once again, but rejoining to record their third album, Free Candy, released in February of 2014,the band is in full force once again. Within the first few notes, it’s easy to tell that this band is unique, an almost breath of fresh air from the barrage of EDM tracks that have been imposing on the indie genre. The Wet Secrets are a weird breed between Ryan Gosling’s band Dead Man’s Bones and Father John Misty. That mixture of dark and brooding with loud brash horns, guitars, organs, and every other instrument under the kitchen sink. The lyrics are extremely punchy with wit and anger, on “Sunshine” singer Lyle Bell sweetly sings “Is this your favourite thing?/Dwelling on what might have been /Fuck the future! /Stay inside with that hood rat behaviour /I really don’t mind” but the background beat is reminiscent of happy 70’s dance music. The contrast between dark lyrics and bright music makes for an incredibly interesting album, it’s full of this diversity and it’s nearly impossible to not dance along to. Misery loves company, and this misery loves the upbeat dance rock that covers a variety of genres (from the disco-esque “Sunshine” to the 70’s inspired “Kill My Love” and back to 80’s rock ‘n roll on “Get Your Shit Together”). While this band may have resulted from a dare, these band members from numerous amounts of other bands were meant to play together and that result is something irresistible.

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