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Kira Velella-Daughter

coverWith a childlike innocence and the voice of a folk queen, Kira Velella has captured hearts with her raw, triumphant sound. Touring since she was 17, her first EP, Daughter, is six songs of young love and passion  but with a gritty undertone that is not easily detectable. Her lyrics are full of depth and conversation instead of trying to create a rhyming scheme, the words float throughout the music to form a union between words and melody. Daughter is effortless, the songs just drift into each other and the melodies are full of nostalgia for classic folk songs. Likening her to Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell is an easy comparison, her voice is distinct but she pours her heart into each song and that is what sets her about in today’s indie world. “Come Down” is easily the best song on the EP, her tiny voice seems to fill the song with dark and light tones and the grit of the guitar sets the mood in the background to create a storm that will only let you out when the song ends. Easily enough, the EP flows into “Blood Moon” which harkens back to classic folk songs in an updated fashion, Velella has the power to relate to current situations and emotions that haunt us all and touches our hearts. She currently plays all over New York City, if you have the chance to see her, do so immediately. Kira Velella is the answer to modern folk music, and she will continue to embrace the genre with open arms.

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Kira Velella-Come Down

3 Responses to “Kira Velella-Daughter”

  1. kiravelella

    Just beautiful. I just came upon this yesterday! I didn’t even know it had been written. Thank you so much. It’s a really positive review and I thank you for taking the time, had it been positive or not, to write it. Very thoughtfully written. Take care!

  2. kiravelella

    Thank you for this thoughtful review. I only just came across it a few days ago, and was delighted to find it! Thank you so much.


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